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For most women pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting experience.  As your body changes to accommodate your growing baby you may experience some of the common symptoms associated with pregnancy.  These include general aches and pains, lower back ache and difficulty sleeping as pregnancy advances.  There can also be some emotional stress as you prepare for life with a baby.

With over 20 years experience as a midwife I have witnessed first hand the effects that pregnancy and labour can have on the body.  Labour and birth whether a normal, instrumental delivery or caesarean section, can affect a mother and her baby on both a physical and emotional level.  Mothers often seek CST  for problems associated with difficult or traumatic births and as a way of letting go of any fear or tension held in the body.

Craniosacral therapy is safe from birth and early treatment for babies ensures recovery as quickly as possible.  Treatment helps to resolve restrictions, tensions and asymmetries caused by the compressive forces exerted on them during the birth process.

A combined craniosacral therapy treatment of mother and baby can be a special way of recovering from the birth process together

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