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My name is Petra and I am a midwife and Craniosacral Therapist based in Northamptonshire. 

My interest in Craniosacral therapy (CST) came about a few years ago when I began to realise how beneficial it could be to new mums and babies to help them recover from the birth process in a calm and supportive way.   I studied CST in London for two years and during that time I treated people in the clinic from all backgrounds and of all ages.    

What struck me was how years and years of stress, illness or trauma can affect the human body.  Often we don’t even know that it is stored within ourselves until we undergo CST ourselves.   I was deeply surprised that despite being in my early 50’s I was still holding onto anxiety from my own birth!  

I love Craniosacral therapy because it is so calm and gentle.  It is non invasive and is safe for people of all ages. Treatment can be so relaxing and it is a great way to take time out and treat  ourselves. Something not many of us do nowadays due to life’s demands, busy working schedules and family life.  

Even if you have never heard of CST before, why don’t you come along for a treatment and see for yourself how relaxing and therapeutic it can be. 

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